Do I hate Tasker? Try alternative automation apps for Android

Do I hate Tasker? Try alternative automation apps for Android

Tasker one of the most intuitive applications available that allows you to automate your devices in ways you wouldn't believe. The only disadvantage of using Tasker is that the high level of access can be complicated for the non-technical user to use. We recently showed you 15 of the best Tasker actions to get started with Tasker but we also realize that some people don't just choose Tasker and that's why we've created this list of six solid alternatives that will give you some level of automation. on your Android device.

6 best Tasker alternative apps


Previously marketed as a "mini-tasker", Condi works just like Tasker but has a much lower entry level and does not require root access for most businesses. Once the app is installed, creating a new very simple action. Just tap the "+" button on the menu bar to select from a list of actions such as starting an application, enabling or disabling connectivity and sensors, muting incoming calls and more. Once an action is selected, you will be asked to choose a trigger for that action that may be location based, time based or when the app detects an activity on your hardware (such as when you connect the charger, etc.) . It is also possible to set an exit activity when the conditions required to activate that action are no longer met.

Developer – Anton Wolkov

Compatibility : Requires Android 4.0 and above

Availablity – Condi (free) – Google Play Store


A huge rating of 4, 6 and over 1 million downloads suggest that this app must be very good, and it is! Llama completely free and use your current location to activate predefined actions (such as running apps, setting screen brightness, killing apps and much more) on your smartphone or tablet. Use the phone uprights to determine your location so you can set various actions depending on where you are and the time of day. Llama comes with some predefined actions (mainly audio profiles) that can be edited or added. You will need to teach Llama how to identify your current location (such as Home or Work) by long pressing the option and selecting how long you will be there so that it can know which trees are on the phone for which location.

Note: the GPS is not used, so this method will work best in a populated area where there are many trees on the phone. You can also try experimental wifi-based location tracking or use only time-based profiles to trigger your set events.

Developer – KebabApps

Compatibility : Requires Android 2.1 and above

Availablity – Llama – Location profiles (free) – Google Play Store


MacroDroid is a well-designed app that follows the trend of material design and has enough functionality to get you away from using Tasker. The free version offers only five macros (activities) and shows ads. But you can upgrade to Pro (offered as an in-app purchase) for just $ 2.99 to remove those restrictions. To create a new event, tap the "add macro" button to open a new screen where you need to select a trigger for your event and then select the action to perform. For example, I set up my phone to take a screenshot every time I shake my device. Some actions are only available on rooted devices, but most will work even for non-rooted users. You can also set a constraint if you want to allow or prevent the macro from running under certain conditions. Finally, you need to give your Macro a name and a category, then save.

Developer – ArloSoft

Compatibility : Requires Android 4.0 and above

Availablity – MacroDroid – Automatin device (free) – Google Play Store


AutomateIt another popular alternative to Tasker and available in two variants: a free and pro version. It has an unusual but simple interface and works using rules. To add a rule, you need to click the "add rule" button, then select a trigger for the event and then select the action to perform. You can also select multiple actions but you must be registered in their database to unlock that feature. You can also check the rules market to view some highly appreciated rules created by the community that you can use on your device. This is a useful feature that will help beginners in creating automatic actions useful for their device.

Developer – SmarterApps Ltd

Compatibility : Requires Android 2.3 and above

Availablity – Automate – Smart Automation (Free) / ($ 3, 2) – Google Play Store


IF allows you to create powerful links between apps by creating simple recipes to connect apps known as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and much more. For example, you can automatically receive notification of the final result of your favorite team via ESPN, or post all your Instagram photos on Twitter or even save links from favorite Tweets to Pocket. If you started you started showing the most popular recipes after logging in so you can start with those right away. You can also create your recipe by pressing the "+" button and then selecting a trigger and the corresponding action.

Developer – IFTTT

Compatibility : Requires Android 4.0.3 and above

Availablity – SE from IFTTT (free) – Google Play Store


As the name suggests, this app helps you automate the activities on your device using "Flows". To create a new stream, simply touch the "+" button on the menu bar. There are some pre-configured sample streams that you can start using and you can also check the most voted streams created by the community through this app that you can download and use immediately. Automate can perform several common tasks for regular users and also includes powerful tools for more advanced users such as executing shell commands, calling REST, NFC and much more.

Developer – LlamaLab

Compatibility : Requires Android 4.0 and above

Availablity – Automation – automatic activities (free) – Google Play Store


Tasker a fantastic automation application for Android but not the alpha and omega of Android automation. The apps listed here work well and may even be better suited to your needs. Best of all, they are all free (or offer free versions) so you can install and test them right now. Don't forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.