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DLO TuneStick, FM transmitter for iPod with remote control and pin dock

From DLO comes the TuneStick, a versatile FM transmitter for the Cupertino player characterized by two particular attributes: a radio control and an integrated dock connector.

The remote control will act as a convenient remote interface, to control playback on iPod in any situation, whether the player is connected to a stereo system or whether it is sending the signal to a radio.

In addition, the package includes a small kit to mount the remote control on the steering wheel of your car, for commands that are always accessible even while driving.

The second new feature is the presence of a 30-pin dock connector integrated in the transmitter; thanks to it, it will be possible to use the TuneStick and, through the latter, interface the iPod with other accessories, or simply recharge it through the dock socket.

The TuneStick price of 59.99 Dollars is compatible with iPod 5G, 4G and with color display, iPod nano 2G and 1G and iPod Mini.

The Italian distributor of DLO Attiva products; the availability of the product in Italy to be verified since, despite the European provisions, FM transmitters can now be sold (and in fact on the Apple Store they are) but not used.