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DIY FireWire.

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DIY FireWire. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Are you worried about the prices of FireWire external hard drives? Have you repeatedly tried to find houses equipped with the fabulous IEEE 1394 but empty because you already have available the hard disk of the cut and performance you prefer best? Let's imagine that you have had a hard life so far because little is found in this field on the market (especially Italian), it is easier then to "surrender" and buy for over a million what is commonly found on the market. We have found what could be the solution for those already has an IDE hard drive available, it's called BridgeBoard: it transforms an old SCSI case into a box with two FireWire ports, all for $ 85. The even more interesting news that in this model "IOI-FW142A" the Oxford 911 technology (SBP2 protocol) is already used which definitely improves performance, we suggest to check the plate dimensions well to find their full compatibility / adaptability in the old case Another solution could be the model "FW142i 1394 / FireWire to ATA7ATAPI" which, also using Oxford 911, allows the connection of two hard disks on the internal FireWire port of the first PowerMac G4 models, or of Macs equipped with a firewire PCI card Costs 80 dollars, actually the prices (due to exchange) are still quite high, we suggest our distributors to try to import these solutions to have affordable prices. On this occasion we also report a FireWire-Oxford911 / USB 2.0 combo (compatible with USB 1.1) and with full range power (110-240 volts) of FireWireDirect in three cuts: 10, 20 30 GB but also in the comfortable empty case.

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