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Discounts Neato on Amazon, three robot vacuum cleaners starting from 329.99 euros

Discounts Neato on Amazon, three robot vacuum cleaners starting from 329.99 euros

If you are looking for a high quality automatic vacuum cleaner, today you can choose from three different Neato solutions, specifically built to effectively vacuum even animal hair, and currently on sale starting from just € 329.99.

There are three models in promotion as we said: Neato D450, Neato D650 and Neato D750, all part of the Premium Pet Edition series, specialized as we said in the cleaning of apartments and houses where pets live that run around from room to room.

What they have in common

All three work like a normal robot vacuum cleaner: they can be programmed through the app for daily cleaning, but are built to collect as much hair as possible. The D-shape contributes to this which allows these devices to get very close to the walls, traveling them in a straight line, but also the versatile Neato brush system equipped with a combo brush, unique in its kind, designed to collect more hair on any surface of the floor.

Discounts Neato on Amazon, three robot vacuum cleaners starting from 329.99 euros

The application for smartphones and tablets also allows you to activate, in addition to the No-Go Lines, areas that the robot must instead avoid, such as the children's play area or the dog's kennel, also Zone Cleaning to ensure that the robot concentrates on areas where the animal eats or sleeps for even deeper cleaning.

Among the other interesting features of these models there is the compatibility with Amazon Alexa in Italian, thanks to which you can therefore control via voice via smartphone or from one of the many Echo speakers installed in the house. The iPhone application also has the component for Apple Watch, thanks to which you will have supervision over what the robot is doing.

They are also equipped with an intelligent charging function: if they run out of energy before completing the cleaning, they are able to automatically return to the base, recharge and then pick up where they left off. In the exclusive Pet Edition package there are in addition to the normal equipment 1 brush for pets, 2 filters, 1 cleaning tool, 1 side brush.

Discounts Neato on Amazon, three robot vacuum cleaners starting from 329.99 euros

In what they are different

How to choose the one that best suits your needs? In fact, there are three promotional models, each with its own discount price. For example the D450 instead of 580 euros costs 329.99 euros, the D650 costs 399 while the D750 discounted at 499 euros.

First of all, autonomy: the D450 works continuously for 75 minutes, while that of the D650 rises to 120 minutes.

The latter also features greater suction power and a larger central brush accompanied by a lateral rotating brush to improve cleaning at the corners.

It can also map the house up to three floors, accompanied by the Find Me function to trace it visually within a virtual map and acoustically thanks to the emission of a sound signal if you lose sight of it.

The D750, as can also be seen from the surcharge, the best of the three. In addition to the functions previously reported, this model has 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz Dual Band WiFi connectivity, it means that the connection to the network is better and consequently also its management remotely.

It is also equipped with the Zone Cleaning function that allows you to clean rooms and specific areas of the house that we know how to get dirty more frequently. And then equipped with a filter that captures up to 99% of mites and allergens but above all unlike the other two also equipped with a remote control that allows you to manually control the vacuum cleaner even without a smartphone.