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Discounts for Formac displays.

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Discounts for Formac displays. –

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The German Formac lowers the list price of its 20 and 17-inch displays.

With the introduction of the 20-inch model and the fall of the 17-inch model among Apple's new LCD displays, competition also had to make decisions about its models.

Here are the new Italian prices including VAT: the Formac Gallery 2010 available in ADC and DVI versions costs 1889 euros, the younger brother Formac Gallery 1740 OX has prices ranging from 749 to 829 euros, depending on the model.

Recall that the new Apple 20 ″ monitor, working only with Mac OS X, costs instead 1,678 euros including VAT and available with ADC connection, the 17 ″ model has a price of 838.80 euros including VAT.

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