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Discounts and free applications, here are the iPhone and iPad offers of the weekend

Once again an interesting weekend for the games on offer. Although several developers who in the US have launched special offers on the occasion of the patriotic party of July 4th have not transferred the discounts (Electronic Arts, one above all) outside the US, there is no shortage of attractive and very attractive titles at a special price.

Above all we report the price reduction that affects PAC-MAN, the game of the yellow ball eats everything now available both in iPhone and iPad version at 79 cents. Equally interesting is the offer, this limited time even if the expiry date is not specified, practiced by Gameloft. The games specialist for iPhone and iPad presents Brain Challenge and Hero of Sparta in HD version, then for iPad, for only 79 cents. These are two of Gameloft's most successful games since the commercial launch; the first a sort of intelligence test with tests to train the mind, the second a "cape and sword" set in the world of the Spartans with enemies to be defeated with the sound of blows.

Spawn Illuminati, a very special title with its psychedelic graphics, a middle ground between a kaleidoscope of times gone by and a system to create imaginative presentations of lights that dance in vector graphics such as digital fireworks, very popular on iPad and now comes issued at 79 cents. Staying on the iPad, but talking about a free game, it is worth downloading Solitaire Game Pack, a collection of solitaires with playing cards.

Hotel Mogul instead not free (costs 1.59 euros) but discounted in a very generous way (regular price 5.99 euros); a good opportunity to buy one of the most interesting iPad titles in the simulation sector. Hotel Mogul, as easy to guess from the title, a sort of Sim-City in which we will have to create hotels and attractions connected to them to make exotic locations prosper.

Turning to the titles for iPhone we point out Highborn as a good opportunity; the strategy game developed for iPhone and iPod touch by the creators of Command & Conquer, drops to 79 cents (instead of 2.39 euros) for the weekend. World Series of Poker Hold'em Legend also costs 79 cents (original price € 2.59), a nice reinterpretation of this particular version of poker accompanied by cut scenes with real characters, multiplayer support, replay rankings and much more.

A game that fans will surely not miss thanks to the Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter discount, a title where you have to go hunting for dinosaurs among primeval forests and very bad reptiles hungry for meat (ours). Thanks to the price reduction, now you pay 1.59 euros instead of 3.99 euros.

Those who love the Indiana Jones saga, however, should not miss Indiana Jones and The Lost Puzzles, a series of puzzles that have the unforgettable "Indy" as their background and protagonist. Graphics, sounds and scenarios are typical of the character invented by Lucas and Spielberg. The cost goes from 3.59 euros to 79 cents. And always talking about Lucas and THQ Wireless (which deals with developing games for Lucas Arts) and serial fans, here is the nice Star Wars Cantina which goes from 3.59 to 1.59 euros. Here we will have to manage a bar in pure Star Wars style, serving cocktails to well-known characters, some of whom are characterized by a bad temper …

Moving on to the free titles, we point out Racing Glory, a vintage F1 racing game with 1950s cars, Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies, a truly original platform as graphics where we will have to defeat zombified pirate monkeys who have invaded a peaceful island. Monster Kill is also free, where we will have to deal with apparently nice and very cute puppet monsters that have very reprehensible attitudes and as such to crush in the most cruel ways and Jorl's Journey, a game that has a man as protagonist of Nehandertal that we will have to drive on a perilous journey through caves and snowy scenarios.

Finally, among the titles that are not games but are always free, we point out RSS Flash G, an application that manages RSS feeds by synchronizing with Google Reader and which has Social functions such as sharing on Twitter, Facebook, delicious, Instapaper, Read It Later, Hatena Bookmark, Evernote. also for free Handwriting, a program that helps us take notes by writing them by hand on a virtual card.