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Discount period, it is the unexpected turn of Windows M.E.

Discount period, it is the unexpected turn of Windows M.E. | Macitynet.it

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In September a lot of unpleasant things will come, the reopening of the companies, the reopening of the schools, the failure to reopen the Serie A football championship due to Australian Olympics (for those who love football, of course) and Windows Millennium Edition.

Windows users who are less savvy are already lined up in front of computer stores hoping to solve their endless problems with Windows 98 (because, they say to Microsoft, that Win 2000 is only for professionals) thanks to the expensive Windows M.E. that, we knew, so far, to have to be sold at full price, but Microsoft has incredibly intent on making discounts.

Perhaps in Redmond they noticed that Windows M.E. does not offer huge changes compared to the previous operating system (but in bundle there will be an original home video editing system that iMovie users will find very familiar) and a little shame led them to take the painful decision: $ 59.95 instead of $ 209 (full price for new buyers) only for owners (legal) of Win 98 and Win 98 Second Edition, while $ 109 for those still "stopped" at Win 95.

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