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Digital Signature for Mac: a letter for Infocamere

Digital Signature for Mac: a letter for Infocamere – Macitynet.it

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We receive from Alessandro Pisani and we gladly publish what could be a message to be sent to the managers of the digital signature service of Infocamere:

"Good morning, I have seen on numerous forums and I have been informed by Apple that the digital signature product for Mac DikeX is ready but it will not be public until it will be published by Infocamere or will make the product downloadable from its website. Since I learned about this news now 25 days. So I do not understand why a "state" body does this type of discrimination since the product is there and in a definitive version therefore it would take a maximum of 2 or 3 hours to say 15 or 20 minutes to change the text on the site and add a link to download this new product very useful to all Mac users.I think infocamere is making a bad impression from this point and we must also highlight that Infocamere is causing us Mac users to resolve problems, given that for this type of user for to be able to work with the state bodies must necessarily take a PC to be able to send signed documents in digital mode. with the hope that you will make the product immediately available on the site. "

The addresses to which to send the email are these: (email protected) (email protected)

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