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DIGICAD 3D 6.0 from Interstudio: from vector to raster

DIGICAD 3D 6.0 from Interstudio: from vector to raster logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new version of DigiCad of Interstudio is coming. Among the novelties of the update there is also one of particular interest, the possibility of operating directly on the raster images. This allows the straightening or direct deformation of the images in practice. It is possible, for example, to obtain a straightened and scaled photograph of a building, a painting, a bas-relief or a terrain. It is also possible to correctly correct and georeference scanned maps and maps. In addition to the classic architectural survey , this new possibility very useful for obtaining images to be used as textures on rendering programs, in order to do it you have to use frontal images without perspective distortions. Another very important feature of the new DigiCad is the possibility of importing and exporting in DWG format, as well as in the DXF possible previously. This allows you to communicate better both with the various versions of Autocad, and with all those programs that support this format. .

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