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Difference between sometimes, some time and sometimes

Difference between sometimes, some time and sometimes

People often use the word "sometimes", when they actually mean "sometimes" or "some time". There is great bewilderment in English students and students regarding the use of these three, how they look alike, but have different meanings. ' Sometimes 'can be used to indicate' at an unspecified time that gone or is yet to come '.

On the other hand, " a little time" an expression, which describes "a span of time, no matter long or short". We use the word a times, for "an event or activity that goes on and on", that is not very often, but in specific circumstances. Read the examples to understand the difference between a moment, some time and sometimes:

  • TO times step a some time with my old friends, who a times they were in my school.
  • Since the product was ready for launch next week, a times I stayed for some time in the company, even after the working hours have been completed.
  • The new CEO a singer a times . Sometimes, sing for a bit ', to relax.

Comparative chart

Basis for comparison Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes
Sense Sometimes used to speak at a time, past or future that is unspecified or known. Some time indicates a duration. Sometimes it refers to not very intermittently or regularly but occasionally.
Pronunciation SMTM sm tm smtmz
Respresents When did something happen or happen? What amount of time? How many times does something happen?
Part of the speech Adverb and Adjective Phrase Adverb
Examples The book will be published next month. In the end, they had some time to talk about the matter. Sometimes I think, what am I supposed to do?
You have to visit Delhi sometime. I enjoy spending time with my grandmother. Sometimes you have to take a position for yourself, for your well-being.
The accident happened sometimes in the evening. He bought a new phone to use for some time, since the old one was under-repaired. Sometimes I help my mother in the kitchen.

Definition of Sometime

"Sometimes" used mainly to indicate "at some point in time, which is not certain or known". However, it has several uses, depending on the form of the speech, used as:

  1. As an adverb, "sometimes" means in an indefinite time in the past or future, which is not mentioned or known:
    • Please, come and have a coffee with me sometimes .
    • Finish the job sometimes there next week.
    • TO February, I met Harry at the market.
    • The film is expected to be released in December.
  2. As an adverb, it can mean in the past tense, but no longer:
    • The prime minister was a student from Delhi University.
    • The book was written by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, a times Prime Minister of India.

Definition of some time

The term "a little time" is an expression of two words, in which "someone" is an adjective and time a "noun", which means a certain amount of time. used to describe a period of time, regardless of long or short. Let's take a look at these examples to understand them better:

  • You can wait for a some time, the manager is coming?
  • The event will start in a some time .
  • I go to my friends' house for a some time .
  • The couple moved to Agra, for some time .
  • I'll call you in some time .
  • Let's go for a walk for a bit ' ?

Definition of times

The word "sometimes" indicates the adverb of frequency which means occasionally, that is when an event or activity takes place only on some occasions, but not all the times. used to talk about how often something is done. Let's take a look at the examples to better understand them:

  • Sometimes the students scream so loud that the teacher gives them punishment.
  • Sometimes i my parents take me to the market.
  • TO times I have oats in my dinner.
  • TO times Jane goes for an evening with her friends.
  • TO times Alex borrows his friend's bike to go to college.
  • TO times I go to my office.
  • Sometimes difficult to understand what's going on in another person's mind.

Key differences between a moment, some time and sometimes

The difference between a moment, some time and sometimes is given below in detail:

  1. When we don't know the exact time of an activity or event, we use the word "sooner or later". On the contrary, when we talk about a period of time in our conversation, we use the expression "some time". Conversely, when an act or event occurs on specific occasions, but not daily or always, it is sometimes called.
  2. A word 'sometimes', which is mainly used as an adverb, but can also be used as an adjective. Some time a two-word sentence, in which "someone" an adjective of quantity and "time" an abstract noun. Finally, sometimes an adverb of a word of frequency.
  3. The word "sometimes" used to indicate when an action took place, while some time indicates what amount of time. On the contrary, it is sometimes used to represent the frequency of something, that is how often an action occurs.



  • Varun a painter of a time .
  • I will move to New York next year.
  • Some month ago, my relatives came to meet me.


  • You can give me a some time to prepare the speech?
  • Needs time to reflect on this topic?
  • Katherine will stay in Dubai for a some time .


  • Sometimes i want to go for a long trip.
  • Sometimes I like to drink tea instead of coffee.
  • Paul goes to the orphanage sometimes .

How to remember the difference

A rule of thumb to understand the difference between these three is to use substitute makeup. If possible replace the word (sometimes / sometimes / sometimes) with anytime / sooner / later / a day, you can use it sometimes, and if replaceable with a certain amount of time, use some time. Finally, if it can be replaced occasionally, use it sometimes.