Difference between farther and farther

Difference between farther and farther

The word farther away is an adverb form of far, which is used to express the distance between two entities or objects by comparing them. The word is more often contrasted when we talk about spatial distance. Moreover, it is commonly used to indicate distance in a non-literal sense, that is when only imaginable but not measurable. It can also mean, further or more. Let's take a look at the example below to understand them better:

  • The place further away than we thought, so I can't go over .

These two words can be used interchangeably and synonymously in sentences that easily confuse people, but there is a subtle line of difference between the further and the further, which you can understand with this article.

Comparative graph

Basis for comparing far away further
Sense The word "farther" is used to indicate more distant, or longer in terms of distance than measurable. 'Further' indicates the imaginative distance, that is mainly concerned with the degree in which something is distant or separate from the other.
Pronunciation f.r f.r
Distance Real or figurative distance Symbolic distance
Part of the speech Adjective or Adverb Verb, Adjective and Adverb
Examples Due to the dense fog, we are unable to see further than 30 meters. They asked me to wait until further notice.
His home is farther away than mine. I think we need to go further, to reach the exact position.
The actual turnover of the company, further than expected. For more details you can call the same number.

Definition of Pi far

Further a comparative form of the "far" adverb, which implies a, or a considerable distance. used to express the degree to which an object away from another object, in actual units of measurement. It can also be used to talk about figurative distance. Now let's see the use of the word "farther":

  1. To say a longer distance :
    • you can go further away with the bike.
    • The garden further away 10 kilometers from our home.
    • You can choose any place to visit, which is no longer far from Jaipur.
  2. To refer to large in degree or extension :
    • Pi will go closer to the hotel.
    • Its result farther than how much we expected.

Definition of Further

Also an abstract concept that is used in sentences to express imaginative distance, to talk about the extent to which one thing is far from the other. In short, when we have no idea of ​​the distance, both in terms of unit and time, we use "further".

Furthermore, it is mainly used in metaphorical situations. It can also be used to also indicate, or in addition to. Now, let's take a look at the "further" applications:

  1. Being a adverb, used to express to a greater extent or distance or in a more progressive phase :
    • As you move north-east, you can see the change in culture.
    • Last year, GDP was 5%, which should increase further this year.
    • You can afford to work further about this project?
  2. Be a adjective it means pi or pi :
    • For more details, you can comment below.
    • More delays on the issue of compensation of workers, can cause a great loss for the company.
  3. Being a verb, refers assistance in development, promotion of something or moving forward :
    • He moved to Delhi, though improve the its capabilities.
    • The company has launched a new product on the market, for help growth.
  4. It can also mean continuity in doing or performing something :
    • Soumya studies further, even after his marriage.

Key differences between farther and farther

The difference between farther and farther can be clearly traced for the following reasons:

  1. The furthest word used to make a comparison in terms of measurable distance between two entities. It can also be used to mean to a greater extent or extent. On the contrary, the word further used in a metaphorical context, this refers to the imaginative distance, which cannot be easily measured or observed. It also involves more or more.
  2. The most distant word speaks of real or figurative distance, which we can measure in meters or kilometers respectively. On the other hand, the word is further used to discuss only the symbolic distance that indicates the degree.
  3. Both father and further can be used as adverbs and adjectives, but they can also be used as a verb to indicate ongoing assistance or development.


further away

  • The school more distant of the school from this city.
  • Headquarters more distant than we imagined.
  • The criminal's explanations are more distant of reality.


  • Paul needs a lot of money to study further .
  • Since his flight was already two hours late, he left for the office, without more ado.
  • Can we talk further of the problem?

How to remember the difference

Nowadays, the word is more commonly used than the far one. A simple trick to use words farther and farther than when you can actually measure or know the distance between two entities, use farther, or else you can use it further. In other words, when the actual distance not mentioned or implied can be used further. It can also be used to indicate further or further.