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Did you buy a new iPhone? Here are the 150 best games to try!

Did you buy a new iPhone? Here are the 150 best games to try!


New iPhone just bought? Here are the top 150 games you absolutely must try (Part 1 1-30)

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As you know, Apple's App Store is currently one of the best-stocked online stores in terms of the amount of applications available for download.

Inside you can really find them many games and programs to personalize our iPhones, iPods and iPads to the maximum and there are so many games available that it becomes really difficult to choose the best and the ones that best suit our needs.

To help all users who approach the AppStore for the first time and to give some advice to even the most experienced users, the PocketGamer editorial team decided to compile an immense list of games to try absolutely.

Here is the first part, ranging from 2079 Tilt to Dream Track Nation.

The list, therefore, will be divided into various events, in which we will discover together the best games available on the AppStore for iPhone, iPad and iPod. As we said, there are really many games available on the AppStore, but thanks to this list we will have the opportunity to discover the most interesting titles, both free and paid.

Now let's not waste any more time and let's see together the list of the best games available on the AppStore for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

2079 Tilt!By Eric Tong

2079 Tilt! (AppStore Link)

Before Geometry Wars Touch, there was only 2079 Tilt !, a classic top-down shooter with intuitive controls and certainly aimed at tilt control.

1-bit NinjaBy Kode80

1-bit Ninja (AppStore Link)

1-bit Ninja one of the best pixel-art platformer shapes on iOS. This product has its own truly enviable look, hidden tunnels, and alternative routes that can be practiced only after careful analysis of the levels and after changing perspective from 2D to 3D.

100 RoguesBy Dinofarm Games

100 Rogues (AppStore Link)

An accessible RPG that, unlike many other products of the same kind, is also suitable for casual users.

Airport Mania: First FlightBy Lemon Team

Airport Mania: First Flight HD (AppStore Link)

Without a doubt, the best time manager on the iPhone. Our task will be to manage arrivals and departures of many airports. All topped off with nice cartoon graphics and nice and fun sound effects.

Alternate Endings

By Jonathan Huer

Alternate Endings (AppStore Link)

An unusual FMV game with a compelling story and a truly original feature for an iPhone game: final depending on the choices that the player will make in the good story.

Ancient FrogBy Ancient Workshop

Ancient Frog (AppStore Link)

We help a paralyzed frog to feed.

Archibalds AdventuresBy Rake In Grass

Archibald's Adventures (AppStore Link)

A classic platform game packed with countless puzzles and puzzles to solve, with a solid control system.

AsteropeBy Niklas Wahrman

Asterope (AppStore Link)

We are in a spaceship, but our task will be to guide it by means of a dangling rope.

Astro DodgeBy SimpleFun

Astro Dodge for iPad (AppStore Link)

Top-down shooter inside which we will simply have to shoot. The title sounds like a full version of the Pacifism mode of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.

astronotBy Wade McGillis

Astronot (AppStore Link)

A stylized little man wanders around an unknown planet. The broken spacecraft. We are alone. We are lost. This, in a nutshell, the mysterious game plot.

Async Corp.By Powerhead Games

Async Corp. (AppStore Link)

We could describe this game ironically in these terms: a game about productivity, which will destroy our productivity, thanks to a hypnotic colored gameplay based on puzzles.

Autumn DynastyBy Touch Dimensions

Autumn Dynasty (AppStore Link)

A complex and deep RTS set in feudal China, which manages to be truly enjoyable, thanks to an elegant and efficient control system.

Battle of PuppetsBy Small Wonders

Battle of Puppets (AppStore Link)

An RTS that is truly accessible to everyone, colorful, with humor and with a truly admirable characterization and background.

Beans QuestBy Kumobius

Bean's Quest (AppStore Link)

In Beans Quest, we will control a bean, which continually jumps to the screen without ever stopping. Our task will be to lead him to the goal, trying to make as few jumps as possible.

Bike BaronBy Qwiboo

Bike Baron (AppStore Link)

When it comes to motocross with side view Bike Baron is the master. Beautiful, long-lived and full of challenge. Little to add, it is simply a must have.

Bit PilotBy Zach Gage

  (AppStore Link)


Bit Pilot will ask us to engage our fingers on the screen to avoid asteroids for as many seconds as possible. Simple, elegant, playable.

Blockoban PremiumBy Jean-Philippe Sarda

Blockoban Premium (AppStore Link)

In this puzzle game we will simply have to move colored blocks along the game grid. There are certainly not a few such titles in the App Store, but only this Blockban Premium offers the beauty of 4,050 stages.

CavoriteBy Cascadia Games

Cavorite (AppStore Link) CavoriteCascadia Games LLCCategory:Games

Oh, look a bit: still pixel-art. Cascadia's puzzle game is not a perfect or problem-free title, but a truly unique platformer, within which we can explore many challenging levels. Start sharpening the wood if you want to test this product.

CheesemanBy Hicham Allaoui

CheeseMan (AppStore Link) CheeseManArne Woerheide & Hicham Allaoui GbRCategory:Games

A brutal and fast-paced platform game that can be compared in all respects, albeit with the necessary precautions, to the well-known Super Meat Boy.

ChromixaBy Wet Nose Design

Chromixa (AppStore Link) ChromixaWet Nose Design LtdCategory:Games

Just another unique and starkly presented touchscreen puzzler. Despite its less-than-innovative gameplay, the utterly brilliant music makes it worth playing.

Collision EffectBy Vishindo

Collision Effect (AppStore Link)

Collision Effect. Well, too complex to explain in a few words! TO be tested, if only for originality.

Continuity 2: The Continuation

By Ragtime Games

Continuity 2: The Continuation (AppStore Link)

Imagine a puzzle game where you can scroll through blocks. Imagine a little man running on some tiles. Here, this is the strange gameplay proposed by Continuity 2.

Cops & RobbersBy Glu Mobile

In Cops & Robbers, we will run automatically and our aim will be to intervene with screen slides to avoid obstacles. In short, an endless runner without the endless element.

Corpse Craft

By Three Rings Design

Cops & Robbers (AppStore Link)

In this title, Three Rings Design combines RTS elements with others typical of a traditional puzzle game, immersed in a certainly surreal visual style.

d-capitatrixBy Thomas Wagner

d-capitatrix (AppStore Link)

Just look at the game icon that immediately comes to mind. There are also many references within the game, but obviously it is a very different product. The mazes to be explored are always there, but the 2D style of play.

Dark Nebula Episode TwoBy 1337 Game Design

Dark Nebula - Episode Two (AppStore Link)

The games that took full advantage of the accelerometer of the device were really many initially. This was the most innovative control system. Dark Nebula Episode Two one of the best exponents of the tilt control game.

Denki Blocks!By Denki

Denki Blocks! (AppStore Link)

Denki Blocks is a very original puzzle game, which remotely takes up the idea of ​​Tetris but totally reinvents it.

Diggin DogsBy Soap Games

Diggin 'Dogs (AppStore Link)

If you love the old and dear game concept brought to light by Mr Driller, and Wheres My Water ?, then this title is for you.

Dont Look BackBy Terry Cavanagh

Don't Look Back (AppStore Link)

Terry Cavanagh has brought to iOS a fascinating retr platform game, really full of atmosphere and challenge. Ah, completely free and a trial certainly deserves it.

Dream Track NationBy PowPowGames

Dream Track Nation (AppStore Link)

Take Jet Car Stunts and make it completely 2D. Now take Rolando's level design. Add a level editor. Here you go, you have a vague idea of ​​what Dream Track Nation offers.

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