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Did Apple already produce 8 million iPhones in 2008?

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Has Apple already reached 8 million iPods produced and, most likely, sold? According to the calculations carried out by some enthusiasts who have diligently taken note of the Imei codes, there is little doubt that Apple has already crossed the milestone that pushes it in the proximity of the 10 million quota set for the end of the year.

The estimate, as mentioned, is the result of an estimate that is implemented using the individual numeric codes of each phone collected in a database created by some members of the Apple Finance Board forum hosted by MacObserver. The sequence would show that as of August 30, Apple would have built at least 5.649 million iPhone 3Gs. Added to the 2.4 million sold in the first six months of 2008, it would exceed 8 million. How many of these have been sold is not easy to say, but it is very likely that the vast majority are in the hands of customers or, if nothing else, in the sales channels which, as is known, for Apple counts as if they were actually sold.

As mentioned several times, Apple could have produced between 750,000 and 800,000 phones per week in the first weeks since the launch of the iPhone, which would place monthly production at 3.2 million, a number that, even if in a rough way, can coincide with the 5.6 million produced at the end of August.