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Delos Books are the first Italian books for the iPhone

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The first three novels of the fantasy series "Stories of dragons, magicians and warriors", the first Italian electronic books developed specifically for Apple's touch devices, are released on the App Store, the online store for iPhone and iPod touch.

At a cost of only 3.99 euros each, books can be purchased from iTunes or directly from the device, with a simple and quick procedure. The fairy world of dragons, knights and sorcerers of fantasy literature comes to life thanks to the magic of the iPhone.

No dedicated programs, online stores, choice of formats or other complications: each book a simple application in its own right, an icon on the iPhone or iPod Touch menu, which can be installed by itself. To read the book, just touch it. The font sizes and the passage from one page to another – touch the screen at the bottom or right to turn the page – are designed for a pleasant reading experience similar to that of traditional books. The large, clear screen of the iPhone and iPod Touch makes these pocket devices an ideal platform for electronic books.

The series Stories of dragons, wizards and warriors of Delos Books publishes with great success a series of short fantasy novels available in the best bookstores at very cheap prices. The first three novels of the series are now also available in iPhone version, "Tamers of dragons" by Kay Pendragon, "Gem of pain" by Kay Pendragon and "Pazuzu" by Yon Kasarai. The subsequent volumes will be released at the rate of one per month. Electronic books cost only € 3.99, but a free trial version is also available.

For more information, please visit the Delos online site.