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Dave Matthews Band explains how to use the incompatible CD

The news of some recently released music CDs that could not be listened to and ripped in iTunes was still fresh from the press, which comes directly from one of the interested parties.

Dave Matthews Band has been rather sensitive to the accusations and has taken care to publish on its own site a real vademecum on how to solve the problem (or put a piece of it, ed), on Windows computer.

The group claims that on the Mac platform with iTunes the problem would be totally absent while previously some fans who had rushed to buy the disk made no difference between the Mac and Win platform complaining about the problem.

The "Stand Up" disc is not really an audio CD but a "Copy Protected CD" of the type that Win on Win and therefore the millions of iPods of Win users fail to "digest".

According to Dave Matthews Band, it is a light species that, for an easier and more acceptable solution, the band hopes for "Apple's cooperation", then referring back to the Cupertino assistance service. Apple from his account allows the reading of every regular audio CD (and standard) in iTunes and the legal transposition of music in the iPod, also bypasses the problem invented by RCA (for the Win platform, then Microsoft) releasing the same on the iTunes Music Store disc in digital format and at a lower price than the physical CD.