Dark Web what and what is there

Dark web what the dark side of the Web is and how it works

Dark Web, how it works, what the Deep Web often hides for illegal activities difficult to control where sites and links are secret

We often hear about the dark web as something related to terrorist plots, drug deals and knife sales and child pornography, but beyond that, it can be difficult to understand dark web so and how it actually works.

Deepwebcosa is found

For just one moment imagine that the entirety of the web is like a forest, a vast expanse of luxuriant greenery, and in this forest there are well-defined beaten paths to go from point A to point B, think of these paths as the main search engines, such as Google, which you as a user, they allow you to see the road from the trees and be connected, but, far from these known paths, the trees and leaves block your view.

Deep Web Dangers

Besides the paths it is almost impossible to find something, at least if you don't already know what you are looking for, then a sort of treasure hunt, because, in fact, the only way to find something in this vast forest to know where to look because someone told us where, and this is the mechanism with which the dark web works, that, basically, the name given to all things hidden on the Internet.

Dark Web sites and well-hidden links

Just like in a forest, the dark web hides things rather well, it hides actions and also hides identity. The dark web also prevents identities from being known, what is done and where and it is not surprising therefore that it is often used for illegal activities that are difficult to control for the police.

The technical challenges of the dark web

The dark web technologies are built in a solid way, without central weaknesses, making it difficult for the authorities to infiltrate and another problem for the law enforcement agencies that the dark web, like many other things, can be used for good things, such as for evil things.

Dark Web levels

So in the same way as i criminals they use it for malevolent purposes, it is also used by innocent individuals and groups that combat oppression or who report incidents and exchange information anonymously. Indeed Tor, the free program and the open network that helps defend against traffic analysis, a crucial part of the dark web, was funded by a series of Western governments, including the United States. A service like Tor Global, without precise and maintained physical dislocation from no precise commercial entity, which is typical for these technologies.

Deep Web Tor

Theoretically, the only way to intercept communications sent via something like Tor is to install one backdoor in the application that everyone uses to allow someone to overcome the application protection system.

However, the use of a backdoor could also allow governments, even the most oppressive, to intercept communications and recent computer intrusions have clearly shown that any backdoor or weakness can be intercepted and exploited by hackers to steal personal information, photos and data.

Take advantage of the Dark Web

Obviously all this does not represent anything new and i criminals they have always found a way to communicate even in the spotlight. The phones mobile phones they have always been used by criminal gangs to organize themselves and, as a whole society, we are by now used to laws that allow the police to intercept telephones and capture criminals.

How to enter the Dark Web

Unfortunately infiltrate the dark web not so easy, how to fit into a phone conversation, or a telephone network, because the dark web is not like a telephone system, which is managed by a small group of companies, which makes interception easier.

Even if intercepting the dark web was an easy thing, it would still be morally questionable and the stories made known thanks to Snowden's revelations suggest that people are not particularly comfortable with mass surveillance.

Deep Web Dangers and surveillance

The general public mistrust has pushed many big companies to pull back when it comes to accessing users' devices: for example, we have seen Microsoft confront the US government about access to e-mail and Apple against the FBI, what was required to unlock the phone of a well-known terrorist, yet some of the biggest companies have collected usage data for their internal processes.

How to protect yourself from the Dark Web

As is well known, Facebook has enabled cryptographic protection on WhatsApp to protect users' communications from prying eyes, but still being able to see the data in the app itself.

Free Dark Web

At the moment it is clear that the road is still long, when discussing the opportunity or not of governments to monitor online and offline communications and until such time as a consensual decision is made, we must live with the aware that the dark web that for some is a way to fight for freedom, for others a criminal paradise.

Dark Web what and what is there

Dark Web what and what you find yourself

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