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Cuts to PalmSource staff

Cuts to PalmSource staff – Macitynet.it

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Vice President of Marketing Gabi Schindler confirmed the news that appeared at the end of last week in the San Jos Mercury Times, underlining how it is a choice intended to keep the accounts in line with the current market situation. "When it will be time and when the conditions will be there," said Schindler, "we will move on to hiring." No details, however, on the number of employees who will be ousted from the company.

PalmSource, as mentioned, implements the layoffs as the time approaches when it will be effectively separated from the parent company, becoming an independent company. The timing has not yet been set exactly, but the process should end by June. A recent Internal Revenue Service provision, which stipulates that PalmSource shares granted to Palm shareholders will not be taxed, this should speed up its course.

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