Cupertino ha fatto rimuovere i video del sito The (Unofficial) Apple Archive

Cupertino had the Apple Archive (The Unofficial) collection removed

The (Unofficial) Apple Archive a site that for some time stood out for a mega playlist with all the Cupertino advertising videos, over 485 spots for hours and hours of video playback. In the site it was possible to see films of all types and all eras; let's talk about the past because Apple has decided that the material infringes copyright.

The developer of the site, Sam Henri Gold, received an email from Vimeo to explain that his pages contained clips protected by copyright, informing him that the various videos had been removed from the hosting platform, at the request of Apple.

Apple has enforced its rights on each of the videos (old and new advertisements, keynote videos or never-before-seen advertisements, such as AirPower's). From the beginning, it seemed obvious that Apple did not remain idle, considering that some videos were – among other things – designed for internal use by Cupertino.

Cupertino had the videos from The (Unofficial) Apple Archive removed

Sam Henri Gold had tried to upload videos to YouTube but Apple had also intervened here. It is a pity that we cannot have a single reference archive with advertisements – some of which are historical, dating back to the time of Lisa, a way that allowed us to know the history of Apple.

The developer had uploaded around 1000 videos and reported that they still have 14,000 pending publication. One publisher, Rogue Amoeba, had provided financial support for hosting on Vimeo by allowing it to operate without banner ads.