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Cruising on an iPod

Interesting proposal apart from Celebrity Cruises-Royal Caribbean.

The company, which deals with cruises, in fact announces on its website that for some cruises an iPod is available for rent.

Apple's MP3 player is certainly a good solution for listening to music while sunbathing near the swimming pool or while jogging on the bridges observing the sunset and Celebrity Cruises simultaneously proves to be very attentive to the latest technological innovations.

On the sidelines, however, we wonder if the rented iPods are empty, so that everyone can then "fill" them with their own music, or if the music selection already contained in the player.

In the latter case, would the norm that music cannot be rented or rented not apply?

It would be curious and interesting to know the opinion of some expert, if you want to write us we are ready to welcome your comments on the matter. It could be useful to know the legal implications of an idea which, if valid and supported by law, could also be applied in other contexts.