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Criticism for Apple's podcast technology

Not only applause, but also heavy criticism for Apple after the release of iTunes 4.9. In the viewfinder not so much the software itself, as the proprietary implementation of RSS that Cupertino implemented in juke boxing to support the publication of podcasting.

The accusations are launched by various sites and supporters of RSS technology, the same one that allows you to extract text strings and present titles and subtitles from a site to, for example, list the news contained in a web page. This system, also used for publishing podcasts from iTunes, would have been hired by Apple but also modified so as to make it something interpretable only by Apple software.

According to the inventor of the RSS, Dave Winer, and Tristan Louis, one of the first supporters of the same RSS, Apple is in fact operating "as if it had reinvented the wheel to make the invention appear as its own. In addition to this the type of XML document type definition (DTD) used in RSS 2.0 found in iTunes shows that they have not really understood how XML works, how RSS works and how the RSS community works. Apple is operating as in the age of browser wars, when someone decided to invent proprietary tags without having any guarantee that they would be interpreted by all browsers. This is not the first time Apple has used a standard to expand its offer, but it is surprising that this happens with RSS, a standard that is having proper support from other manufacturers, such as Microsoft.

If Apple's choice were also pursued by others, RSS supporters fear, it could lead to a chaotic scenario in which everyone would have a standard, incompatible with others, undermining the philosophy of RSS.