Creative photographers against clich stock

Creative photographers against stock clichés

Stereotypes continue to increase in visual culture, so Depositphotos has led 5 creative photographers to overturn 6 photo cliches.

That of stock images is a great industry that involves creative photographers who produce content and designers who use images. a sector that changes rapidly and always on top of new trends in photography and design. Then why do we see a large quantity of obsolete, stereotyped and boring images around us?

Stereotypes continue to increase in visual culture and the reason for this is laziness. much easier to follow the clichés and respect the standard interpretations. For example, the portrait of a businessman in a business suit. It would take more reflection and commitment to capture a businessman (or a woman) in a more imaginative way.


Depositphotos asked 5 talented photographers specialized in different genres to reinvent the most common clichés: una woman eating salad, a happy family, a business meeting, a party, a lady shopping and a bud. They had 1 day, up to 6 models and a couple of locations to make their stories. Here is what they created and how they commented on the project.

Roman Pashkovskiy, portrait and landscape photographer:

"In a very short period of time, I managed to reach something that also opened my horizons in a different way."

Creative photographers against clich stock

"Happy family" by Roman Pashkovskiy

Polina Karpova, art photographer:

"In general, this project gave me the feeling that a child is being taken to a toy store, where any toy can be his. I completely immersed myself in the role of a stock photographer ”.

Creative photographers against clich stock

"Woman eating salad" by Polina Karpova

Max Finogeev, fashion photographer:

"My approach was my desire to distance myself from the literal decisions that generally stem from the main theme. For me, it was important to find a suitable metaphor that accurately reflected one side (not always positive) of the phenomenon ".

Creative photographers against clich stock

"Woman eating salad" by Max Finogeev

Ivan Chernichkin, photojournalist:

"The photographs I took for this project are to some extent a test for the public. In all the shots I have taken, there is a reference to famous works of art or to works by famous photographers ".

Creative photographers against clich stock

"Party" by Ivan Chernichkin

Maia Iva, nude photographer:

“In the process of creating the piece according to my interpretation, I worked more with close associations and direct interpretations. I think that's why my initial theme, which included a naked body, wasn't possible, and I had to dig a little deeper. "

Creative photographers against clich stock

"Bud" of Maia Iva

All the images of the Reinventing project can be viewed online: