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Cowboys vs Zombies: a tower defense set in the far west

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Cowboys vs Zombies: a tower defense set in the far west –

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With pearls such as Plants vs Zombies, Fieldrunners and Star Defense, the tower defense genre has had no small fortune on the iPhone and iPod Touch, while new ones are published on the App Store day after day. But those who believed that the seedlings of the PopCap game could be the only ones to fight against an army of zombies will have to change their mind, because the development team Tall Chair has announced the imminent release of Cowboys vs Zombies. It is a quite different title from the other exponents of the genre, in which the player will have to place cowboys on the roofs of some buildings; the zombies will cross the main road, but rather than the typical camera from above, Cowboys vs Zombies offers a perspective placed behind the undead, while the player will be free to move it along the road traveled by the enemies.

The trailer released by the development team should perfectly convey the idea, although lovers of classic tower defense may initially be lost. It is the same feeling that was felt when playing Star Defense, which turned out to be an excellent game. Tall Chair has promised a great deal of strategy, but at this point it remains to be seen how varied and original the units and scenarios will be. Cowboys vs Zombies has already been sent to Apple, and could arrive on the App Store in the next few days.

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