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COVID-19, a signaller to regulate entrances to points of sale

COVID-19, a signaller to regulate entrances to points of sale

An acoustic-luminous system for the management of queues at the entrance of shops and supermarkets; a real traffic light to allow traders to regulate access and those in the queue to understand when possible entering the room.

An idea as simple as it is indispensable for this Phase 2 of the Coronavirus emergency, where the passwords are entry shifts, safety distance and protective devices.

"Sirena", an Italian company in the province of Turin, produces sirens and flashing lights in the industrial and automotive sector. The company in question presented SMART-Q (details in a PDF document here), a self-powered acoustic-light system for queue management, which it presents as "very easy to install and inexpensive".

Just like a small traffic light, the system provides an indication, to those who are waiting at the entrance of points of sale, pharmacies and supermarkets, on the possibility of entering or not, considering the number of people who are present inside. A remote control regulates the traffic light, allowing it to be used even if only one operator is present at the point of sale due to Covid limitations.

COVID-19, a signaller to regulate entrances to points of sale

The possibility of installing more than one traffic light is provided to help people to respect the safety distances in the queue and the more advanced versions are also arriving, which allow the automatic counting of inputs and outputs to automatically regulate the flow inside the room.

Apparently the idea liked by the large-scale retail trade and the Turin-based company reports requests and orders from Germany, Belgium, France and the United States as well as from the national territory.

The world of commerce knows that in Phase 2 compliance with the rules will be fundamental, both to protect the health of staff and customers and because offenders risk the closure or suspension of the license. The categorical imperative must respect the safety distances and ensure the quota entry into the shops. The premises of 40 square meters will allow access for one person at a time, in addition to a maximum of two operators. If the smaller shop will have to respect the relationship of a worker and a customer by keeping the distance of at least one meter.

The restrictions due to the legal provisions for the containment of COVID-19 could complicate the work of many traders who, in small premises, must carefully monitor the entry flows but often cannot afford to hire extra staff to do so, explains Fabio Salomone , general manager of Sirena SpA – In designing SMART-Q also to them that we thought of, the simplicity of operation and management, in addition to the contained cost, are the strengths of a tool that can become an immediate solution to a more current problem than ever. But SMART-Q can also be used in larger and more complex realities, I think of supermarkets and shopping centers with queues also at the checkout; multiple devices can be connected and synchronized for orderly queuing in post offices, pharmacies, banks, CAFs and all service companies that have offices with public access.

The SMART-Q self-powered system consisting of a signaling column, with a fixed green light plus sound and a flashing red light, mounted on an extension, a support base and equipped with a remote control.

The device can be used automatically or manually by the internal staff, managing the switching on of the red and green modules at best by means of the special remote control.

The system is powered by a battery (housed in the base) which guarantees 8 hours of continuous operation or via the 230Vac / 50Hz network. The system does not require installation and, thanks to the support base, can be easily positioned.

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