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Cotus and Leon: the controversial Italian comic arrives on the iPad

Cotus and Leon: the controversial Italian comic arrives on iPad – Macitynet.it

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From the collaboration of the designer Francesco Gaston and the screenwriter Leonardo Giordano with the Enhanced Press group, the iPad version of Cotus and Leon was born, a controversial and fascinating Italian comic. The partnership could not have been more successful, since Enhanced Press has already shown, with A Separate World 1 and 2, to be able to create excellent digital comics for Apple platforms. For those unfamiliar with it, Cotus and Leon a work that subverts the classic settings and races of fantasy tales, to create always original characters and situations, often irreverent, sometimes pushed or even spicy. These are all features that at first risked making it yet another work banned from the App Store for unsuitable content, and which forced the authors to adapt some tables for Apple to agree to publish them.

The same cover has been redesigned from the original due to the presence of an uncovered breast, demonstrating the inconsistency underlying Apple's policies. Why a game like Truckers Delight, with explicit and politically incorrect content, should safely end up on the App Store, while an Italian comic book of excellent artistic level cannot be enjoyed in its original version on iPad still remains a huge mystery. Despite this, the advice is to buy Cotus and Leon with your eyes closed, available on the App Store at a cost of 79 cents and certainly one of the best digital transpositions of an Italian comic, with 62 different tables accessible through an excellent visual interface.

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<img style = "margin: 4px;” title=”Cotus and Leon” alt=”110610-cotus-2.jpg "width =" 290 "height =" 387 "src =" http://cms.macitynet.eu/uploadfile/articles/110610-cotus-2.jpg”/><img style = "margin: 4px;” title=”Cotus and Leon” alt=”110610-cotus-3.jpg "width =" 290 "height =" 387 "src =" http://cms.macitynet.eu/uploadfile/articles/110610-cotus-3.jpg”/><img style = "margin: 4px;” title=”Cotus and Leon” alt=”110610-cotus-4.jpg "width =" 290 "height =" 387 "src =" http://cms.macitynet.eu/uploadfile/articles/110610-cotus-4.jpg”/>

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