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Coronavirus, Italian Apple Stores reopen on May 19th

Coronavirus, Apple closes the Apple Store Oriocenter

By Giacomo Martiradonna Friday 15 May 2020

Now that phase 2 has officially started, Apple will reopen most of the Apple Stores in Italy.

May 15, 2020 update

Update: Now that the containment measures of the Coronavirus finally begin to loosen in our country too, Apple has announced its intention to reopen most of the Italian Apple Stores. According to preliminary information circulating on the Web, 10 of the 17 apple stores will be operational again on May 19th, with reduced hours from 11.00 to 19.00; Piedmont and Lombardy are excluded.

This is a measure not yet announced on the official website, but reasonable and in line with the partial openings that other countries such as Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea and the USA are also making in these days. And obviously, for the occasion, very strict health measures will be implemented, including perhaps the measurement of the temperature of the customers at the entrance.

Apple Store, measuring customer temperature flies privacy?

Apple Store, measuring customer temperature flies privacy?

Apple wanted to implement an automatic temperature verification system for Apple Store customers, but EU privacy law could make the practice illegal.

The closure in March

It had been in the air for some time. The Bergamo funicular has been half empty for weeks, and most of the shops in the shopping centers remain closed. Not even the initiative of the local transport company, which extended the duration of the hourly ticket to the whole day, had any effect: the city shopping areas they remain deserted.

Coronavirus, the situation worsens for iPhone 12

Coronavirus, the situation worsens for iPhone 12

The situation on the assembly line worsens due to Coronavirus; iPhone production will not improve at least until the second half of the year.

Since February, in compliance with the provisions of the regional ordinance, the Oriocenter had been closed early at 8pm for almost all 280 stores, and a few exceptions, such as the supermarket and the Apple Store. Now for the news.

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 March, the Apple Store Oriocenter stay closed for the whole weekend; therefore canceled Today at Apple courses, and all other extra-sale activities. These are the effects of the new prohibitions implemented by the decree of Sunday 1 March which acknowledges the requests of the regional authorities and which imposes among other things:

  • Minimum distance of one meter between people in bars, restaurants and museums
  • Shops open everywhere on the weekend of 7-8 March, with the exception of the provinces of Piacenza, Bergamo, Lodi and Cremona, where the previous rules continue to apply
  • Gyms, sports centers, swimming pools, spas and spas: activities remain suspended throughout Lombardy and Piacenza

At the time of writing this post, they count beyond 93,000 infections worldwide and over 3,200 deaths; our country was particularly exposed, especially in the area between Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto. That's why, in these hours, Apple has added Italy to the black list of off-limits countries for its employees.