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Coronavirus delays iPhone 9, only risk of delay for iPhone 12

L’intelligenza artificiale ha previsto il virus cinese coronavirus prima di tutti

The consequences caused, both at a health and economic level, by the Coronavirus epidemic are now well known, the effects of which are also felt on the iPhone and on the chain of suppliers and manufacturers of Apple. According to Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives, Apple's supply chain, which relies heavily on China, will take more than a month to return to full speed. This according to the most optimistic estimates.

Even at best, the iPhone manufacturer's supply chain will not be fully functional until early April, when workers from Apple's production partners will return to work in factories in China. This is the prediction of Ives in a research note published on the net in the past few hours. The interruptions and the consequences due to the coronavirus on the iPhone could last until June in the worst case scenario, thus causing important delays for some models of Apple's smartphones.

coronavirus iphone

Apple warned last week that it would not be able to fulfill its entry forecasts for the current quarter, due to slower production and falling demand for its products in China, where the virus has now infected more than 70,000 people. .

If Apple's supply chain returns to normal by April, the low-cost iPhone that Apple is set to launch presumably between March and April, iPhone 9, could still be delayed for several weeks, while the version of the iPhone 12 5G in autumn could be safe, without being influenced by the virus. On the contrary, the report explains, if the slow production situation continues until June, both release dates of the new iPhones could be postponed for a few months.

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