Apple and Xiaomi temporarily close all the stores in Italy

Coronavirus: Apple closes its stores worldwide, excluding China

The parts are reversed: Apple Stores opened in China and closed all over the world. This is the decision made by Tim Cook, the CEO of the Cupertino company, following the global spread of COVID-19.

At Apple, we are first people and we do what we do with the belief that technology can change lives and the hope that it will be a valuable tool at a time like this.

Donations from Apple, both to help patients and to reduce economic impacts, have already reached $ 15 million worldwide. Cook wanted to underline the efforts made in China to counter the effects of COVID-19 which, although still strongly felt, has now a drastically decreased contagion rate.

I want to express my deep gratitude to our team in China for their determination and spirit. To date, all of our stores in China have been reopened. I also want to thank our operations team and our partners for the significant efforts made to restore our supply chain

As the outbreaks continue to increase in other countries, Apple has decided to take additional measures to protect customers and employees. The decision is that of close all stores worldwide, excluding China, until March 27th.

As for employees, Apple has confirmed that most will work remotely, if their role permits. For the others, all safety measures will be guaranteed, from maximizing interpersonal space to constant and thorough cleaning of the work areas as well as health checks and temperature checks.

All employees will continue to receive wages in line with normal business activities and leave policies have been expanded to adapt to personal or family health circumstances including rehabilitation, care for a loved one who is ill, compulsory quarantine or problems related to the closure of schools.

In the past few hours, Apple has also announced that the annual developer conference, WWDC 2020, will only be broadcast online. Apple also donated one million dollars to local San Jose organizations to make up for lost profits.