Apple ha citato in giudizio un’azienda che si occupa di virtualizzazione per avere illegalmente replicato iOS e sue app

Corellium accuses Apple "wants to eliminate Jailbreak with lawsuits"

The lawsuit that started in August intensifies: in December, Apple modified its complaint also using the Digital Millennium Copyright, indicating that the Cupertino multinational considers the Jailbreak a violation of US copyright law; Corellium now accuses Apple of wanting to eliminate Jailbreak through lawsuits.

Recall that this summer Apple sued Corellium, a company specializing in virtualization of mobile devices, accusing it of copyright infringement, targeting the software that replicates iOS used by various security researchers. Amanda Gorton CEO of Corellium accuses Apple in an open letter indicating that Cupertino's latest legal move is a concern for researchers, developers and jailbreakers:

Apple has sued a company that deals with iOS virtualization

The complaint states that since Corellium "allows users to jailbreak" and "has granted one or more people access … to develop software that can be used for jailbreak," Corellium "is engaging in traffic" in violation of the DMCA. In other words, Apple is claiming that anyone who provides a tool that allows other people to jailbreak and anyone who assists in creating such a tool is violating the DMCA. Apple underlines this position by calling the "illegal" unc0ver jailbreak tool and stating that "designed to circumvent (the) same technological measures" as Corellium.

Corellium sells products that allow users to create virtual instances of any iOS device, offering digital replicas of iOS, iTunes and user interface elements of Apple devices, available on a web platform. As already noted in the previous October declarations, Corellium states that its virtualization system simplifies the life of security researchers, allowing it to identify flaws, which are also useful for Apple to eliminate security problems.

Now for Corellium accuses Apple of demonizing the Jailbreak and wanting to eliminate it even if Cupertino has benefited from it, transforming Jailbreak apps and tweaks into iPhone functions: Not only researchers and developers rely on the Jailbreak to protect end users, but Apple itself has benefited directly from the Jailbreak community in several ways. Many of the iOS features originally appeared as changes to the jailbreak and were copied from Apple, including dark mode, control center and context menu.

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In addition, the creators of Jailbreak regularly contribute to iOS security. The developer behind the jailbreak unc0ver has been recognized and accredited by Apple for assisting with a security vulnerability in the iOS kernel, a vulnerability that he discovered while using Corellium.

The positions of the two companies could not be more distant: Corellium announces that it will defend itself strongly in court from Apple's attacks. On the other hand Cupertino asks for a permanent injunction on Corellium's virtualization software, with the request that all materials that violate copyright law be destroyed, in addition to the request for damages and reimbursements for lost profits and legal fees.

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