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Cool, pretty cool!

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In the September issue of Mobile Computing, the annual ranking of innovators in the world on the road draws up various rankings: laptop, mobile phone, PDA, etc. In the "laptop" category, an Apple product excels (usually not even taken into consideration by the hi press -tech that only reviews Wintel products): the PowerBook G4 Titanium which is pleasantly paired with the stamp of: "Coolest Notebook In the World" (which we can more or less translate, from the American slang, into "the coolest laptop in the world "). The motivation states:" Titanium shifts the trajectory of notebooks to new proportions (…) slim and clean design that takes us directly into the future without having to wait any longer ". The most appreciated qualities, in addition to the design, were the great / great display and the very thin DVD but the phrase we liked most was the following: “people with the most radical ideas, about computers, are the ones who buy Apple who repairs them ga with a series of fresh ideas, much fresher than those of any other company in the sector ".

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