Convert DVD to MP4 for computers, tablets and smartphones for free

Convert DVD to MP4 for computers, tablets and smartphones for free

Are you planning a trip with your kids and want to keep them busy with their favorite Disney cartoons or with those classics that don't take your eyes off the video until they're done? The only possibility is to convert the original DVDs into a format suitable for playback on your iPad, iPhone or Android tablet. In this case and in many other circumstances you will not be able to do without one of the best Mac software to convert all your DVD movies into formats to watch them comfortably on iOS or Android mobile devices.

The considerable advantage: having a film library always at hand without having to carry all the DVDs in the house at all times. My advice is to convert DVDs to MP4 format. First, this format takes up less disk space. Also compatible with most mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod and Android smartphones. In addition, this makes it easier to share personal movies with friends and you no longer have the anxiety that the DVD can break, leading to the loss of the video.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro: the best DVD converter for Mac

If you have a Mac and you need to convert your DVDs, MacX DVD Ripper Pro among the fastest tools for convert copy-protected commercial DVDs to MP4 / HEVCwithout any loss of quality.

Get freeMacX DVD Ripper Pro for Mac

If you need to convert your DVDs to MP4, don't miss the chance to getMacX DVD Ripper Profree. The competition valid until 15 September 2018. Get MacX DVD Ripper Pro for MacOS or DVD Ripper for Windows for free.

convert DVD to MP4 guide

Convert a DVD up to 5 times faster

If you don't want to wait for Bible times to convert a movie, MacX DVD Ripper Pro currently it appears to be the fastest application in the world of DVD movie conversion because it is able to take advantage of third-level hardware acceleration. This means that the processor and the graphics card take care of the hardware decoding, the conversion process and the final coding of the movie.

In this way the software has to perform less processing and the processor, which was designed to carry out this type of operation, can be exploited to its fullest capacity. More details on hardware acceleration can be found on this page.

demonstrated that by exploiting third-level hardware acceleration, a conversion from DVD to MP4 with H264 codec takes place five times faster than a normal conversion using software (a test carried out on a film weighing 4GB and lasting 1h 30 minutes).

The advantages of converting DVD to MP4

convert DVD to MP4 advantages

Thanks to MacX DVD Ripper Pro you can make your iPad a mobile movie screen without any limits. Any video content can be played back after a quick and simple conversion of your best DVD movies to MP4. This is a format that has a number of significant advantages for mobile devices, which generally do not have unlimited memory and have hardware and software limitations. By converting a DVD to MP4 you will enjoy enormous benefits:

  • It takes up less space than other video formats, maintaining sharp, well-defined images.
  • It is accepted by most portable media devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, laptops, video players.
  • It can take advantage of the hardware reproduction of the processors. This means that high-resolution large films can be played, without slowing down, even on smartphones and tablets.
  • Easy to memorize and manage on computer and USB pendrive and difficult to corrupt.
  • Suitable for streaming video over the Internet.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the best tool to rip DVD to MP4. Thanks to the algorithms implemented in the software, it is possible to decrypt all the DVDs on the Mac: newly released titles, Disney movies, TV series and much more.

convert DVD to MP4 rip

In just 5 minutes you can convert a DVD while maintaining the original quality, unlike other converters that take more than 1.5 hours to extract content from a DVD.

Convert all types of commercial and home-made DVDs

Thanks to the excellent ability to decrypt DVDs on Mac, you can copy almost all DVDs with MacX DVD Ripper Pro: recently released titles, Disney movies, TV series, even home-made DVDs of your family events. Old DVDs that you may have considered unreadable or damaged are easily converted.

Turn your iPad, iPhone, smartphone or Android tablet into a portable DVD player

No need to buy an additional DVD player, MacX DVD Ripper Pro makes the multimedia devices you have portable DVD players. There are standard conversion configurations that fit perfectly to your iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Android, Mac and Windows. You just need to select the output device on which you want to play the DVD and MacX do the rest of the DVD conversion job for you.

There is also a video editor embedded in the program that allows you to cut video clips or segments from your DVD, resize the video, merge separate video titles into a single file, add an external subtitle to the film (useful for watching unrelated movies) and adjust video parameters such as frame rate or resolution.


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