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Connect multiple tweets together, the new option on Twitter

twitter links tweets

A feature that allows you to link a new tweet to a previous one, to provide updates faster

Twitter further simplifies the process of connecting multiple tweets together by adding a new option called “continuous discussion". In reality, it is a simpler and faster method of doing something that has always been possible on Twitter.

Basically when you are composing a new tweet, you can now scroll down the dedicated window to view previous tweets. Once you have chosen an "old tweet", the "Continue discussion" button will appear.

Below Twitter has released a video tutorial"Chirped" on the official channel where he briefly explains this new functionality clearly.

How to connect multiple tweets together

Let's see specifically with our Digitalic account the new option to connect multiple tweets together.

twitter links tweets

  1. Touch the composition icon
  2. Scroll down (swipe down) from the composition window and click "Continue discussion" to add to your latest Tweet.
  3. Add text to your Tweet and click to send the tweet to be added to the last discussion.
  4. To add a thread to a previous (older) Tweet, click on the three dots instead to select another Tweet

old tweet list to link

As you can see the whole will be proposed to you list of previous tweets with the flag on the right to choose the one you want to connect. It remains to choose the one to link to the discussion and send the tweet

This is Twitter's way of making it easier for users creating threads of topics and "tweetstorms." In the past, Twitter offered the ability to link multiple tweets as they composed. Today's new feature, however, makes it easier to link a new tweet to a post from the past.

This new feature is being slowly released, so if you haven't seen it yet, make sure you have the updated twitter app. During the week it should definitely become available.

It should also be noted that Twitter recently acquired Chroma Labsla company which created a photo and video editor designed specifically forStoriesInstagram and Facebook, as well as Snapchat. Which suggests that Twitter may soon have plans to launch his Stories. And this new feature currently integrated could be a new sign of approach to a simpler and more effective overall communication structure.