Le norme della Commissione europea per l’uso sicuro dei droni

Confirmation from the USA: the interior department withdraws its fleet of Chinese drones

The rumor was true: the interior department in the USA is withdrawing much of its drone fleet. In particular, it is issuing an order that forbids the flight to drones manufactured in China, or those that are still assembled with Chinese components and parts. The cause soon said: the fear that they could be used for espionage purposes.

There will be exceptions for training and emergency situations, such as fire monitoring, search and rescue, but routine daily operations will no longer be supported by the flight of drones of Chinese origin.

Interior Secretary David Bernhanrd told the Wall Street Journal that he believes the department will still be able to accomplish all the objectives "without any sacrifice", although hope that drone manufacturers would replace China-made components .

Certainly, however, that fears are not justified. DJI, which manufactures many of the drones used by the Interior Department, argued that the Chinese government never asked for drone data. In addition, the company allows operators to limit access to data and has even collaborated with the internal department to tighten restrictions on the transmission of such data.


And so, the grounding of drones could significantly hinder the efforts of the internal department. Until the flight ban, members of the department used drones to inspect endangered animal species, as well as problems related to soil erosion. Now, they will have to use conventional aircraft or give up information entirely, at least until there is a drone totally made with American parts. However, this could lead to higher production costs, thus inflating the costs inherent in the country's key activities.

In any case, according to the same department, the temporary grounding order, necessary to better face potential related problems, ensures cybersecurity, technology and internal production problems. The use of drones for non-emergency operations will therefore remain blocked. Until further notice, then, only emergency operations will be allowed.

Recall, however, that the FCC has also proposed a drastic measure to protect the public from Chinese espionage, by prohibiting some telecommunications companies from using HuaweieZTE devices.