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Computers that spy when turned off: the story of Fabio inFiamma la rete

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Mothers who unplug the network cable from the computer in the children's room, alarmed readers who ask us to notify Apple of probable problems with the computer security with the apple: all for a serious story of threats and wiretapping but told approximately by media that mix computers and "voodoo" in the same cauldron.

Already because the biggest problem is not the news but the way in which they are brought back to the public, equating the computer with a malicious source, mixing the lack of precautions to protect one's privacy and security with the inevitability of diving in a world where everyone spies on everyone.

The protagonist Fabio Visca, who together with Fiamma Satta forms one of the longest-lived radio couples who accompany the mornings of many self-employed commuters. Through his webcam, and thanks to a fixed IP, an attacker spied on what was happening at home and formulated his threats reproposing as evidence of his bad intentions what he had managed to capture in audio and video through the computer medium.

Beyond the solution of the story, which will require the intervention of the police for its seriousness, the ridicule remains of how some media have reported, distorting the facts, that the interception took place via the computer but with the computer off!

It is known that it is possible to access a computer from which you know the IP from the outside, that it is possible to control the recording with a "trojan" through a connected device such as a webcam, as well, but that this can be achieved through a computer who does not communicate, who does not "think" (!) makes the news take on the appearance of a hoax, or rather, disqualifies those who tell the facts regardless of their logic.

Obviously an interception with the computer turned off is possible, just do not use the computer! Just use a "bug" of a directional microphone, of any apparatus by aspiring Tom Ponzi.

But when what a simple assumption is turned upside down and shot in the headlines of one or more news programs, the technological witchcraft syndrome takes like a lump in the throat, taking the breath away from those who approach reverential fear of modern computer totems: all the more so if to be framed for obvious reasons of image that little peephole to and from the empty / full sea of ​​the internet that the built-in microphone of an iMac.

Apple users see it as a negative advertisement, the most influential ones go to unplug their computer trusting in a definitive and reassuring interruption of contacts with the outside world.

More simply common sense would advise you to pay attention to the software you are using, or, as you do when you end a phone call, to close the communication through your webcam, disconnect it, or even to turn off the computer regardless of the indications on uselessness of the action reported in the last TG.

A good firewall could also be useful: maybe they even invented one to protect us from intrusions of rambling news!