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Computer, the Iraq factor weighs on the recovery of the market

Computer, the Iraq factor weighs on market recovery – Macitynet.it

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The computer market is attempting a tiring rise and by 2003 it could post an increase in sales.

According to a Gartner survey whose results were released yesterday, the current year should end with a 7.8% increase in sales, little compared to the double-digit growth of the previous years but still higher than that signaled during the course the disastrous 2001 (first year in history to have ended with a decrease in sales) and the disappointing 2002 (where sales increased by just 1.5%)

However, there are many factors of uncertainty weighing on the forecasts, including the impending war with Iraq.

Gartner's data are also confirmed by the competitor IDC who recently estimated sales growth in 2003 at 8%, always linking the actual reality of the estimates to war and the consequent economic uncertainty.

According to Gartner, the market continues to be less receptive due to the tendency of users to keep their computers longer and the lack of 'essential' applications (such as those related to the spread of the Internet) that pushed to change machines.

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