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Computer on TV and wireless

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Computer on TV and wireless –

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Add-on presented "Wireless Cinema Set", a kit designed by Conceptronic that allows you to transmit video and audio signals from one room to another overcoming the problem of interference, all takes place without the need to lay any cables. Thanks to this device it is possible, for example, to send images from the personal computer directly to the TV, even if these are positioned in two different rooms inside the home. Data transmission made possible by an easy-to-use and easy to position system consisting of a transmitter and a receiver, both equipped with integrated antennas.

The ideal set to work with DVDs, VCRs, camcorders, audio systems and computers. For example, anyone who has a Mac with a DVD player could watch movies on the TV if he has a video out port on the machine

“Wireless Cinema Set” open field capable of reaching a maximum range of one hundred meters for video signals and fifty meters for audio signals. The device has four different wireless transmission channels that can be chosen, from time to time, to ensure the best possible quality for sending data.

The equipment includes: two power adapters, two audio / video cables and a multilingual manual. The expected list price of 115 euros including VAT.

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