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Complete Apple II, autographed PowerBook and other Apple memorabilia in the Steve Jobs Auction

Complete Apple II, autographed PowerBook and other Apple memorabilia in the Steve Jobs Auction

New auction of Apple precious memorabilia coming up: this time it will be called, very directly, Steve Jobs Auction, because it will include several precious pieces directly related to the late founder and CEO of the bitten Apple. Among these there is even a PowerBook autographed by Jobs himself: rather rare event, because Jobs always claimed that each product was the result of the collective commitment of a team of people, so no autograph if there was also that of all the other people directly involved. Just to say, a floppy signed by Jobs brought the lucky owner the beauty of 84,000 dollars!

There will not be only products: one of the most particular pieces is a employment contract signed by Jerry Manock, who is considered the founding father of Apple's design culture. The contract dates back to 1977, and concerns the design of a body for an Apple II. He would have paid just $ 270, the equivalent of $ 1,150 today. The Apple II was the first mass-produced computer by the company, and was its first real big hit.

Part of the memorabilia comes directly from Manock. The ex-designer realized that they were locked in a closet, unknown to everyone, and that the time had come to share them with the world – and to share the proceeds of the auction with children and grandchildren. The auction will also include:

  • A 128K Macintosh with "In Appreciation: Jerry Manock" written
  • A memo related to a bonus signed by Steve Jobs
  • Apple beach towels
  • A neon sign with an Apple logo dating back to 1987
  • A 1988 "Apple Watch"! It was a traditional watch with black dial hands, the Apple logo at 12 o'clock and the classic Think Different slogan under the hands.
  • An Apple-I still working, one of the few units that survived today, including all the necessary components and accessories. In recent times, a similar model had been sold for a record $ 910,000; although in the world of auctions the prices fluctuate a lot and are just indicative.

The auction will be organized by RR Auctions; will begin on March 5 and will last until 12. For those interested, you can also participate online. Following the link SOURCE below you reach the preview with the list of all 25 items for sale.