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Compaq recalls one million laptops

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Compaq recalls one million laptops logomacitynet1200wide 1

More than a million Compaq laptops are part of a defective batch and will have to be recalled by the manufacturer. The news was released yesterday by Compaq itself which also specified the reasons for the recall: defective power supply.According to some sources within the company, a production defect would cause the power supply to overheat with consequent deformation of the case that contains it and possible risks of electric shock or fire. In recent months Compaq has had reports of similar problems with the development of flames although there have never been any injuries or significant damage. Despite this, the recall was decided in consultation with the Consumer Product Safety Council. The affected laptops are the Compaq Armada 100S, 110, V300, M300, E500, M700, 3500 and E500S, and Prosignia and 100, 170 and 190 sold between September 1998 and July this year. As mentioned, this is a large batch of machines: 594,000 in North America, 620,000 in Europe and 85,000 in Latin America. The recall concerns the adapter and the cables that carry the serial number PPP003, PPP003SD and PP2012.We remind you that not later than a few months ago even Apple had been forced to recall some power supplies of its laptops that had a similar problem.

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