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Combo for PowerBooks with Expansion Bay.

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Combo for PowerBooks with Expansion Bay. logomacitynet1200wide 1

They are limited edition (hurry up), they are called Xcart Pro Expansion Bay DVD / CDRW and it comes with MCE's DVD Decoder Card. The second product is a 99-dollar PC Card that works in PowerBook G3 models, both WallStreet (1998) and Lombard / FireWire (1999-2000) with MPEG2 decoder functions up to 30 fps necessary for the use of films on DVD, but remember that these '99 / 2000 models were sold in some configurations with their original DVD player (not the G3 @ 333 MHz). The $ 449 expansion bay designed for the WallStreet model only (higher than that of the Lombard and subsequent models) and works on the entire range of processors: 233, 250, 266, 292 and 300 MHz. With this model, in addition to reading 6x DVD-Rom and 24x CD-Rom, you can burn CD-R and CD-RW up to 8x. Ensured compatibility with iTunes, Disc Burner and Mac OS boot from this driver. Together with the hardware, MCE, attaches a copy of Roxio Toast Lite as well as a CD-R, a CD-RW , the user manual and a protective case for the expansion bay.For more information, here is the PDF.

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