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"Colored" patent for Apple.

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"Colored" patent for Apple. –

logomacitynet1200wide 1 Eleven months from the patent application date # US 2002/0190975 A1 in the last days of the year a system was made official by the US Patent & Trademark Office of the inventor Duncan Kerr of San Francisco that could already find practical application in computers Cupertino, perhaps on the occasion of a renewal on the occasion of the upcoming Macworld SF.

The patent seems to cover a technology that serves as an external ornament / decoration of electronic equipment with internal light sources. Some details can be read in the long technical description (also provided with 15 pages of illustrations and diagrams): changeable alteration of the external lighting, signaling to the user of different specificities of use at a given time, personalization power corresponding to the mood of its owner, multi-color system, fixed or dynamic lighting category, etc. Duncan Kerr should be a member of the design team of the iPod is already by Ideo, very active in the world of palmtops and its peripherals.

It is difficult to say when this will sooner or later turn into a real practical application but there are those who imagine more or less bizarre things: an "active" computer case that changes color depending on the temperature of the hand that touches it, or that changes color according to its state (stop, in operation, off, etc.), which pulsates different colors following the rhythm of the music played by iTunes, which changes color / lighting according to the peripheral of the digital hub connected or used of the network (and depending on which network with distinction also between wireless or traditional). It would not therefore be an essential but completely external and superfluous technological innovation that could be pleasant and perhaps even useful! Most of the examples of the patent concern the desktop computer: difficult to think of taking energy from a laptop for this purpose …

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