Coldplay in pre-order on the iTunes Music Store

Coldplay in pre-order on the iTunes Music Store

The British band of Coldplay (vocalist Chris Martin had a daughter and called her Apple) star of a novelty for the iTunes Music Store of Canada and the United States.

The new Coldplay album that had been waiting for months (EMI's actions had even dropped to the announcement of a delayed release of the disc) and finally the date was defined, on June 6 it will be in the record stores the CD, a day later it will be possible download all the songs from selected suppliers in digital format, only the iTunes Music Store is officially reported on the Coldplay website.

Canadians and Americans can now pre-purchase the Coldplay record, even with the box unopened, since no 30-second preview is available before the date of publication.

For the first time the iTunes Music Store performs an operation of this type and for the first time those who buy music from iTunes in those countries that are able to place an order, a non-cancellable booking remains and the figure of $ 11.99 is charged only June 7 or the day of the download.

On June 7th from iTMS it will be possible to download "X&Y" by Coldplay which contains 13 songs, plus 2 bonus tracks unrelated to the CD given thanks to the pre-order, the digital booklet and finally the video of the exclusive interview.

The price of just 11.99 dollars for both currencies (US $ and CAN $), which is equivalent, respectively, to 9.47 euros or even less to 7.50 euros. Keep in mind that the price of the CD in Italy will be around 20,60 euros, in Canada 32 dollars (20 euros), in the US 19 dollars (15 euros).

Follow on August 2 the start of the “Twisted Logic” world tour that will start in Toronto and continue throughout the summer in North America.