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Codes and Reads is now also compatible with iPad

Codes and Read now also compatible with iPad – Macitynet.it

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Codes and Laws, one of the most popular collections of legislative texts on the App Store, keeps up with Apple technologies. After constantly launching new updates with richer content, the iPad version also arrives.

The creation of a format compatible with the new Apple tablet is not the only news of the day for Codes and Laws 2.0; the update introduces the possibility to update the application completely free of charge if you have already bought it for iPhone. In practice, by migrating from one platform to another you will have no additional cost and you will be able to enjoy the clearest and most legible graphics, it is possible from the oversized screen.

In version 2.0, 34 new regulatory texts have also been added which transform “Codes and Laws” into the largest and most complete compendium in its category for iPhone and iPad and strengthen the leadership of the application as a consultation and work tool for all those who need to carry out research on the regulations that regulate our public, social, business and civil life.

The price of Codes was and remains of 19.99 euros and you can download it from here in the "Universal" version, for iPad and iPhone. Click here to buy

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