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Download The Code 8 Movie is very simple just you need to follow these all steps which are dedicated to this post, and I am 100% sure you will get your Code 8 movie.

Method 1 – Download Code 8 Movie

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Step 3 > Click To Download Icon

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Code 8 Wikipedia

Code 8 is a 2016 short sci-fi action film directed by Jeff Chan and written by Chan and Chris Paré. Starring Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell and Sung Kang, the film was expanded into a feature-length project, also titled Code 8.

The film is a futuristic vision taking place in a world where 4% of the population are born with some type of supernatural ability. Instead of being billionaire superheroes, most ‘specials’ live in poverty and resort to crime, forcing the police to become more militarized.



  • Robbie Amell as Connor Reed

A Special who provides for his family by working as a day laborer. He is a Class 5 Electric, meaning he can manipulate electricity and is capable of emitting an EMP blast strong enough to knock out a city block. He prefers not to use his powers, instead relying on his training as an electrician to find work.

  • Sung Kang as Officer Alex Park

A by-the-book cop who does his best to protect Lincoln City while following the rules. He is Officer Dixon’s partner.

  • Aaron Abrams as Freddie Berko

Tyler’s friend and a fellow Special. He is a Class 2 Brawn, meaning he has superhuman strength powerful enough to lift a truck with one arm or toss grown men through the air with ease.

  • Stephen Amell as Garrett
  • Chad Donella as Dixon

A cop who has a deep prejudice against Specials. He is Officer Park’s partner.

  • Peter Huang as Drone Pilot 3
  • Alfred Rubin Thompson as Big Joe
  • Al Marchesi as a class 2 Pyro

A Special with the power of pyrokinesis. He can produce flames from his fingers that can be small enough to light a cigarette or hot enough to cut through metal piping.

  • Christine Pagulayan as Reporter
  • Patrice Henry as Dispatch 1
  • Phyllis Politowicz as Grandma
  • Tonya Dodds Sinisac as Dispatch 3
  • Ryan Freer as Drone Pilot 4
  • Jack Horan as Justin Reed
  • Jeff Sinasac as Drone Pilot 2


Code 8 StoryLine

A desperate young man possessing special powers clashes with a police force after committing a petty crime.


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