Clash Royale updates for Season 6

Clash Royale updates for Season 6

Clash Royale is updated again on Android and iOS, several new features have been introduced as well as some balancing changes that see Supercell take a step back from what was chosen only one month ago with the Strega and Boia cards. After the previous macro-update that saw the introduction of the pass-royale, this new version prepares the arena for Season 6: Clashtale, available starting December 2nd. Here is the official changelog and then the main news seen in detail.

  • • A new card arrives, or the extraordinary "warrior healer"!
  • • Unlock a FREE tower skin during season 6!
  • • Discover a new feature: card level enhancements!
  • • The cards released with the new updates can be automatically upgraded based on the level of the king's tower!
  • • We have changed some rules to revolutionize the gaming experience!
  • • We have introduced bug fixes, improvements to playability, the ability to support a Supercell content creator and much more!

The first big news is the time dthe duration of the battles, now set at 5 minutes instead of the previous 6. The extra time now lasts 2 minutes, rather than 3, and includes a generation of x3 elixirs in the last minute.

The previews of the cards arrive in the information sheets, thanks to which we will be able to see how a card behaves with a brief video introduction, together with more in-depth statistics and other information. Finally other small changes for some modes, as per changelog to follow:


Prohibited cards:

  • Boar tamer
  • Pigs Royale
  • Tamer of rams
  • Freezing


Each player now receives a "fast runner" (for example the Boar Tamer) and a "great runner" (for example the Giant)


  • Added Pigs Royale to the arena prize 7
  • Added Care to the Arena Award 10
  • Golem of elixir added to the arena prize 11

Finally, the balance changes, the Witch regains the damage to the area but sees a 49% decrease in the damage and an increase in the speed of the shots of + 35% (from 1.7 sec. To 1.1 sec.). The hangman, on the other hand, sees among the news the increase in hit points (+ 5%), speed shots (+ 4%), reach: increased (4 – 5> 4.5 – 6.5), attack range of the ax: + 25% (800 -> 1000) and a reduction in damage (-45%). Last news is the Frecce, which will be launched in 3 waves and will offer damage increased by 23%.

We remind you that the HDclan, the official HDblog clan, is always looking for new recruits. If you have a score of 5,000 trophies or more and you have at least 40 victories in the war, look for us in game with the name "HDclan"