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Cisco will support FaceTime

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Cisco supporter FaceTime –

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Computerworld reports that during an interview with Marthin De Beer, senior vice president of emerging technologies in Cisco Systems it was announced that the company will support Apple's FaceTime technology for video calls and that it will be working on a video client that will be soon on sale on the App Store. This is, in fact, the first official announcement of a third-party company regarding the support of the video conferencing standard created by Apple. The Cupertino house intends to promote and facilitate the adoption of the standard, but also to establish a high quality standard by exploiting high quality audio / video codecs (H.264 and AAC).

Other interesting news worth mentioning are: the arrival (for Christmas) of a Wi-Fi version of the Flip camera (the result of the acquisition in March of last year of Pure Digital Technology. Creator of the Flip Video brand) and the development of a network-based technology called "Media Experience Engine", alternative to Flash and the like working with any device. The technology operates at the carrier or enterprise network level and transcodes video sources, transforming them on the fly into a format usable with any device. De Beer specifically cited iPad and iPhone as ideal device targets for exploiting the system.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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