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Cinema Display 20 ″: the prince of monitors

The monitors with the new G4 were the protagonists of yesterday's announcements, renewed line, price cut but, above all, an important debut, that of a 20-inch model.

The news that Apple was about to launch this monitor had been anticipated, thanks to the contribution of one of our readers who had discovered its presence in the database of a Swedish company for eco-compatibility certifications, just from Macity, but not for this reason it is a piece of news to be overshadowed.

Cupertino has in fact covered an important niche of the market, that of large displays between 19 and 21 inches, notoriously popular in the field of DTP, graphics and digital video. Recent studies show that 20 inches are currently the most requested LCD models with the highest growth rate.

The Apple Cinema Display, with a price at which a good CRT monitor of the same size was purchased up to a year or so ago, probably built around the TFT produced by Chi Mei. As our site has explained in recent days Chi Mei a privileged partner of Apple (probably already provides 17 monitors of the iMac LCD) and has a 20.1-inch TFT in production identical, for specifications and "form factor" to that present in the new Cinema Display.

Among the details to report, in addition to the two USB ports and the ADC connector that eliminates the need for a power cable, the resolution (1680 √ó 1050) which according to apple allows you to see full size two sheets at full size A / 4 and still have space for the tool palettes of a layout or photo editing program. The dimensions of the new 20 inches added to its resolution, again according to Apple, make it equal to the old 22 inches wide.

The visual angle (170 degrees), contrast (350: 1) and brightness (230 CD / m2, higher than that of 23 inches) bring it to levels of excellence in the sector.

It is also interesting to note that the new 20-inch, as can be clearly seen from the system requests, does not work with the old Mac OS 9 operating system. Probably the drivers on which it rests for display are present only in Mac OS X.

The new monitor, we remind you, costs 1678.80 euros on the Italian market, including VAT