China ready to thwart Apple and other companies if the US harms Huawei

China ready to thwart Apple and other companies if the US harms Huawei

China ready to adopt a series of countermeasures against the United States, in response to the attempt by the Americans to block Huawei, putting the big stick into practice such as Apple, Cisco, Qualcomm, companies that could end up among those "unreliable", and suspend purchases from Boeing.

To report it Global Times, a tabloid produced by the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party which typically deals with international issues.

A few days ago, the U.S. administration extended blockades and bans against Huawei and other Chinese IT giants, including ZTE, for another year. The decree signed by President Trump prevents, among other things, Huawei from installing Google apps on its smartphones.

The US Commerce Department has also said it plans to change one of the import regulations, making it difficult, if not impossible, for Huawei to purchase chips and semiconductors with U.S. technologies.

"China will take vigorous countermeasures to protect its legitimate rights," if the US proceeds with the plan to ban essential chip suppliers, including Taiwanese TSMC, by offering them the opportunity to sell chips to IT giants Chinese. This is what a government source would have told the Global Times in an exclusive interview.

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The companies that could retaliate against are the aforementioned Apple, Qualcomm, Cisco and Boeing, all heavily dependent on the Chinese market.

The Minister of Commerce of the Dragon Country in May of last year indicated that China would present its own list of foreign entities "which seriously endanger the legitimate interests of Chinese companies". The list of unreliable entities includes "foreign organizations, individuals and companies that block or hinder the supply chain, take discriminatory measures for non-commercial reasons or actions that endanger the activities of Chinese companies as well as those of global consumers and of companies ".