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China is threatening to ban Apple and other US companies

China is threatening to put Apple on a "list of unreliable entities", along with other US companies, due to a series of punitive countermeasures that the country willing to take against US blockades and bans that aim to block semiconductor shipments in favor from Huawei.

According to the Global Times, spokesman for the Chinese government, inclusion in this particular list would be a first step towards launching a series of investigations and restrictions on US companies such as Apple, Qualcomm and Cisco. According to the report, China will take strong "countermeasures to protect its legitimate rights" if the United States advances with the plan to ban essential chip supplies from companies like TSMC to the Chinese tech giant.

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The measures include, in fact, the addition of Apple and other US companies to the "list of unreliable entities" in China, with important restrictions as Reuters reports, and the launch of investigations into US companies such as Qualcomm, Cisco and Apple , which must be assessed according to Chinese cybersecurity laws and regulations, also in light of the anti-monopoly law.

Beijing's latest threat comes after the US Commerce Department added rules to limit the supply of semiconductors, parts and processors to Huawei and its affiliates last week. The rules also apply to third parties, if they already know that they will eventually be used in Huawei products. The move prevents TSMC from buying U.S. supplies for the chips used in Huawei phones. In these hours, Nikkei has reported that TSMC has already moved to stop new orders from Huawei.

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