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Chess and Backgammon: two games for the price of one for iPod

Two more iPod games available, this time two for the price of one. We are talking about Chess & Backgammon Classics, "two for the price of one" package, which includes the classic games of chess and backgammon, among the best known and most popular board games.


Including game instructions, Gameloft's new Chess & Backgammon Classics suitable for both beginners and experts, given the presence of extra modes and numerous difficulty levels.

The game interface comfortably managed through the iPod click wheel; different types of screens and themes can be selected, in addition to the possibility of choosing whether to play with 3D or 2D visualization.


It will then be possible to face both games in three different game modes: fast game, quiz or classic games. Compatible with iPod 5G, iPod classic and iPod nano 3G, to download Chess & Backgammon Classics, at a cost of 4.99 euros, baster start from this link.