Checky, the app that measures your smartphone addiction

Checky, the app that measures your smartphone addiction

How many times a day do you check your smartphone? Checky tells you

(Photo: Milo Sciaky)(Photo: Milo Sciaky)

How many times a day do you check your smartphone? Can you answer this question accurately? You can now find out thanks to the app Checky, designed precisely forgive us an idea of ​​how often we use the smartphone and create more awareness in terms of smartphone-dependency. The app was released by, a company that has already given birth to the same application that helps users to take a moment to relax from the frenzy and hyper-connection of contemporary life, also providing support for the practice of meditation.

Checky tracks your behavior and indicates, quite simply, the exact number of times you have checked your smartphone during the day, as well as outlining a map of the places where you used it. In fact Checky, introducing the concept of technology dependency and placing a direct ad to Calm at the bottom of the screen, also acts as a publicity application for the flagship application.

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Do you feel like you've already heard something like this? You are not wrong. Something similar has been done recently by an application called Moment. The main difference is that, while Moment tells you how much time you spend on your phone (and allows you to set an alert to help you decrease the time spent), Checky indicates precisely the number of times you have used the phone. The point, in fact, precisely this: measure your impulse to control the smartphone, helping you to become more aware, and perhaps to challenge yourself to the downside. Not to mention that you can compare your score with that of friends and see who is the most obsessed!

To get a complete picture of your smartphone addiction, you can then resort to the joint use of Checky and Moment. Test yourself and let us know!


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