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Cheats SimCity BuildIt 1.4.4 for iOS, iPhone, iPod, iPad

Cheats SimCity BuildIt 1.2.28 for iOS, iPhone, iPod, iPad


Cheats SimCity BuildIt 1.4.4 for iOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad. How to get unlimited infinite money. Cheats, cheats, hacks SimCity BuildIt iOS

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Cheats SimCity BuildIt iOS iPhone / iPad / iPod: how to have infinite and unlimited money in SimCity BuildIt

Are you looking for i cheats for the game SimCity BuildIt iOS? Do you want some tricks to make your life easier in the SimCity BuildIt game? Are you playing SimCity BuildIt and stuck in a certain level?

No problem, we are here to help you. Today we will see together lots of tricks for the SimCity BuildIt game. Quickly and easily you can unlock many additional features in this game and increase the fun.

Enough with the chatter and let's start with the guide.

The tricks have been tested personally and work perfectly on iPhone, iPod and iPad. If they work for me, they work for you too. If you cannot activate them, it means that you are doing something wrong in the procedure.

IMPORTANT: in some games (especially those that also work online in multiplayer) by applying the tricks you risk the ban. Furthermore, I remember that all the files linked here were not created by me, but I simply search for them on other foreign sites, I try and text them for you and if they work, I share them.

Also, if this article of mine creates problems, remove it without problems, just contact me by email or leave a comment.

What version of the game are these tricks compatible with?

SimCity BuildIt 1.4.4, the latest available.

Latest update

Beach Boardwalk is here! Get ready for sun, sand, and surf with 15 shoreline buildings like a marina, lighthouse, waterpark, and more. Meet your lifeguard advisor and unlock Beach Boardwalk expansion areas with new loot drops. Plus:

Exclusive Crescent Moon Shopping Mall available during Ramadan3 new Tokyo Town buildingsConvert SimCash to Golden Keys

We also updated the rewards earned from Dr. Vus Disaster missions and improved overall performance.Thanks for playing and enjoy the beach, Mayor!

Date updated guide and tricks

June 25, 2015

What these tricks, cheats and hacks offer for the SimCity BuildIt game for iOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad

Unlimited Coin (Spend some) Unlimited Cash (Spend some) Unlimited Key (Spend some)

  • free in-app purchases in SimCity BuildIt
  • infinite money in SimCity BuildIt
  • SIMOLEONS unlimited in SimCity BuildIt
  • SIMOLEONS Ended up in SimCity BuildIt
  • SimCashillimited in SimCity BuildIt
  • SimCashfinite in SimCity BuildIt
  • unlimited money in SimCity BuildIt
  • infinite keys in SimCity BuildIt
  • unlimited keys
  • all unlocked in SimCity BuildIt
  • buy and unlock anything for free and without limits in SimCity BuildIt

Do you need jailbreak to use these tricks for SimCity BuildIt?

No, there is no need for jailbreak.

Instructions for activating cheats, cheats and hacks in SimCity BuildIt

We recommend following the steps on MAC or PC and not on phone / tablet.

IMPORTANT: do everything at your own risk. The procedure has been tested by me, but if something goes wrong on your devices I DO NOT take any responsibility.

  • Download the modified files with the tricks from HERE
  • Connect iPhone, iPod or iPad to the PC / Mac via a special cable
  • If you have already installed the game, you must uninstall it. Then install it again without starting it.
  • Download the free iFunBox for Mac or Windows program and copy the files with the previously downloaded tricks to the folder: User Applications / Sniper 3D
  • If you will be asked to replace the old file or the old "Documents" folder, confirm and continue.
  • Launch the game and have fun with active tricks.

I just have to wish you a lot of fun.

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